What do we know about atypical femoral fractures? Insights and enigmas

TitreWhat do we know about atypical femoral fractures? Insights and enigmas
Type de publicationArticle de revue
AuteurAudran, Maurice , Cortet, Bernard, Thomas, Thierry
TypeArticle scientifique dans une revue à comité de lecture
Date2011 Dec
Titre de la revueJoint Bone Spine
Mots-clésBone Density Conservation Agents, Diphosphonates, Dose-Response Relationship, Drug, Femoral Fractures, Hip Fractures, Humans, osteoporosis, Prevalence, Risk Factors
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Although the existence of atypical femoral fractures is well established and bisphosphonate therapy is thought to be a major risk factor, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Epidemiological data show that atypical femoral fractures account for only a small proportion of diaphyseal subtrochanteric femoral fractures, being about 100 times less common than proximal femoral fractures. Consequently, the existence of atypical femoral fractures does not call into question the extremely favorable risk/benefit ratio of bisphosphonate therapy in patients with osteoporosis. Clearly, the number of fractures prevented by bisphosphonate therapy far exceeds the number of atypical femoral fractures potentially related to bisphosphonates.


On behalf of the Bone division of the French Society for Rheumatology

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