Packaging Texture and Shape as Enhancers for Brand Positioning: The Moderating Role of Need for Touch (NFT)

TitrePackaging Texture and Shape as Enhancers for Brand Positioning: The Moderating Role of Need for Touch (NFT)
Type de publicationCommunication
TypeCommunication avec actes dans un congrès
Date du colloque23-25/05/2018
Titre du colloqueAcademy of Marketing Science conference
AuteurSerhal, Rania , Pantin-Sohier, Gaëlle , Peck, Joann
VilleNew Orleans
Résumé en anglais

This research-in-progress investigates the influence of two structural elements of brand’s packaging design, accessible by haptic exploration: texture and shape. The proposed conceptual framework details how these elements can facilitate the transfer of meaning to the brand and enhance its positioning in the consumer’s mind, especially in the case of a coherent symbolic message between these packaging attributes. Thus, we manipulate texture’s and shape’s gendered symbolic information and examine how they impact brand image and positioning. We will use two chocolate bar shapes (rectangular and oval) and two packaging textures (velvet-like and leather-like). According to previous research and researchers’ qualitative study, the rectangular shape and leather-like texture represent the masculine symbolic information while the oval and velvet-like represent the feminine one. The experiment’s main goal is to demonstrate the direct and interaction effects of texture and shape on gendered dimensions of brand personality, perceived quality, attitude towards the brand and purchase intention as well as the moderating role of Need for Touch. The authors argue that a clear packaging message with coherent symbolic cues will induce greater message accessibility by the customer, thus strengthening the brand image and positioning.

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