The improved assembly of the European Pear

TitreThe improved assembly of the European Pear
Type de publicationCommunication
TypeCommunication sans actes dans un congrès
Date du colloque26-30/06/2018
Titre du colloque9th International Rosaceae Genomics Conference
AuteurLinsmith, Gareth
1, 2
, Bianco, Luca , Liu, C , Rombauts, S , Celton, Jean-Marc , Montanari, Sara , Schijlen, Elio , Bakker, L , Deng, C , Durel, Charles-Eric , Laurens, François , Chagne, D , Velasco, Riccardo , Neale, D , Van de Peer, Yves , Troggio, Michela
Résumé en anglais

Apple and Pear diverged from each other between 5.4 and 21.5 MYA and are believed to share a common genome duplication event between 35 and 50 MYA (Velasco et al. 2010, Wu et al. 2012). Size differences have been observed between the Apple and Pear genomes which are estimated at 527Mb (Pyrus x Bretschneideri Rehd) and 700Mb (Malus x Domestica Borkh) respectively (Wu et al. 2013, Li et al. 2016). The difference in genome size has been accounted for primarily by the proliferation of transposable elements, with the gene space thought to be fairly similar between the two species (Wu et al. 2012). Comparative genomics of the lineage has however, been hampered by the fragmented nature of the reference assemblies. A new chromosome scale assembly was recently produced (Daccord et al. 2017) and now also a chromosome scale assmble of the European Pear (this study), which shows strong collinearity with Apple, greatly facilitating the comparative study of these genomes.

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