Impact of the aging of a photovoltaic module on the performance of a grid-connected system

TitreImpact of the aging of a photovoltaic module on the performance of a grid-connected system
Type de publicationArticle de revue
AuteurAzizi, Amina, Logerais, Pierre-Olivier , Omeiri, Amar, Amiar, Adel, Charki, Abderafi , Riou, Olivier , Delaleux, Fabien , Durastanti, Jean-Félix
TypeArticle scientifique dans une revue à comité de lecture
Date1er Novembre
Titre de la revueSolar Energy
Mots-clésAging, Passive filter, photovoltaic system, Power degradation
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Photovoltaic systems belong to the green energy dynamics which is an ambitious program based on energy efficiency and sustainable development. In this study, the impact of the aging of a photovoltaic module is investigated on the electrical performance of a grid-connected system. A photovoltaic conversion chain with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control and LC (Inductor-Capacitor) filter is modeled and dimensioned according to the grid constraints. A method of hybridation detection of the MPPT coupling long-time aging evolution and short-time determination is proposed. Aging laws for the electrical and optical degradations of the photovoltaic module are introduced for the long-time evolution. Results display the lowering of the maximal power point with a rate of 1%/year and a slight augmentation of the THD over time even though it remains inferior to the IEEE standard STD 19-1992 maximum value of 5% for a usage of 20 years. Moreover, an equivalent scheme for the additional electrical resistance engendered by the aging of the photovoltaic module regarding other resistances of the photovoltaic system is given. Finally, the elevation of this resistance by 12.8% in 20 years may have non-negligible consequences on the power production of a large-scale installation. © 2018

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