A new parallel architecture for QBF tools

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TitreA new parallel architecture for QBF tools
Type de publicationCommunication
TypeCommunication avec actes dans un congrès
Date du colloque2010
Titre du colloque2010 International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation, HPCS 2010
Titre des actes ou de la revueHigh Performance Computing and Simulation
Pagination324 - 330
AuteurDa Mota, Benoit , Nicolas, Pascal, Stéphan, Igor
EditeurIEEE Computer Society
Mots-clésBoolean functions, Concrete, Data structures, parallel, Parallel architectures, Quantified Boolean Formulae (QBF), Semantics, Syntactics, tools
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In this paper, we present the main lines and a first implementation of an open general parallel architecture that we propose for various computation problems about Quantified Boolean Formulae. One main feature of our approach is to deal with QBF without syntactic restrictions, as prenex form or conjunctive normal form. Another main point is to develop a general parallel framework in which we will be able in the future to introduce various specialized algorithms dedicated to particular subproblems.

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