Conceptual Graphs and Datatypes

TitreConceptual Graphs and Datatypes
Type de publicationCommunication
TypeCommunication avec actes dans un congrès
Date du colloque2009
Titre du colloque17th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS 2009
Titre des actes ou de la revueConceptual Structures: Leveraging Semantic Technologies
Pagination270 - 283
AuteurRaimbault, Thomas, Genest, David , Loiseau, Stéphane
PaysRussie, Fédération de
ISBN978-3-642-03078-9 / 978-3-642-03079-6
Mots-clésalgorithm analysis and problem complexity, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages
Résumé en anglais

Datatypes, like numbers or strings, are widely used in Knowledge Representation (e.g. in RDF(S)/OWL or UML languages). The usual model of simple conceptual graphs does not support datatypes. Some extensions of conceptual graphs have been proposed for using datatypes, however these extensions often wander from initial model of conceptual graphs by introducing for instance procedural relations between nodes. This paper proposes a datatype extension for the simple conceptual graph model. Our contribution is threefold. First, we allow the use of datatypes for typing concept nodes. Second, we define two families of conceptual graphs: factual graphs and query graphs, both close to initial model. Factual graph is used to represent factual knowledge, including values of datatypes. Query graph may contain concept nodes that represent conditional queries on values of datatypes; these conditions are expressed by regular operators on datatypes. Third, we adapt projection to operate from a query graph to a factual graph.


Date du colloque : 07/2009

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