Therapeutic management of allergic diseases

TitreTherapeutic management of allergic diseases
Type de publicationArticle de revue
AuteurWatelet, Jean-Baptiste, Gillard, Michel, Benedetti, Margherita Strolin, Lelièvre, Bénédicte , Diquet, Bertrand
EditeurInforma Healthcare
TypeArticle scientifique dans une revue à comité de lecture
Pagination301 - 343
Titre de la revueDrug Metabolism Reviews
Résumé en anglais

Allergic diseases are characterized by the activation of inflammatory cells and by a massive release of mediators. The aim of this chapter was to describe succinctly the modes of action, indications, and side effects of the major antiallergic and antiasthmatic drugs. When considering the ideal pharmacokinetic characteristics of a drug, a poorly metabolized drug may confer a lower variability in plasma concentrations and metabolism-based drug interactions, although poorly metabolized drugs may be prone to transporter-based disposition and interactions. The ideal pharmacological properties of a drug include high binding affinity, high selectivity, and appropriate association and dissociation rates. Finally, from a patient perspective, the frequency and route of administration are important considerations for ease of use.

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