Dispersive Wave Interaction between Solitons in Fiber Lasers with Saturable Absorbers

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TitreDispersive Wave Interaction between Solitons in Fiber Lasers with Saturable Absorbers
Type de publicationCommunication
TypeCommunication avec actes dans un congrès
Date du colloque2012
Titre du colloqueSymposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics (SOPO)
AuteurKomarov, Andrey , Amrani, Foued , Dmitriev, Alexander , Komarov, Konstantin , Meshcheriakov, Dmitry , Sanchez, François
Mots-clésbound states, bound steady-states, Cavity resonators, Dispersion, dispersive wave interaction, Encoding, fibre lasers, highly-stable bound soliton sequences, information coding, laser mode locking, Laser theory, long-distance soliton wings, loosely bound solitons, lumped elements, lumped saturable absorbers, numerical analysis, numerical simulation, optical fibre dispersion, optical saturable absorption, optical solitons, parity alternation, passive mode-locked fiber lasers, Quantum Optics, quantum steady-states, Ring lasers, SA, Solitons, Steady-state, two-soliton molecule, ultrashort pulses
Résumé en anglais

On basis of numerical simulation it is found that the long-distance soliton wings can be formed by dispersive waves emitted by ultrashort pulses due to of various lumped elements in passive mode-locked fiber lasers. Peculiarities of the interaction of two solitons through such wings in lasers with lumped saturable absorbers (SA) are analyzed. Different sets of bound steady-states of two-soliton molecule are obtained. Among them there are sets with and without an alternation of parity of neighboring quantum steady-states. It is shown that the investigated interaction can result in mechanisms of both attraction and repulsion of loosely bound solitons. It is demonstrated a coding of an information by highly-stable bound soliton sequences.


Date du colloque : 05/2012

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