Regimes of Passive Mode-Locking of Fiber Lasers

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TitreRegimes of Passive Mode-Locking of Fiber Lasers
Type de publicationCommunication
TypeConférence invitée
Titre du colloque3rd International Conference On Optics, Photonics and their Applications (ICOPA’2013)
AuteurKomarov, Andrey, Komarov, Konstantin, Sanchez, François
Résumé en anglais

We present results of a numerical simulation and analysis of various regimes of passive mode-locking of fiber lasers including a single pulse  and multipulse operation, bound states of solitons, and harmonic passive mode-locking. Our results on the multipulse regimes consist of the multihysteresis dependences of a number of pulses in the laser cavity, of pulse peak intensities and an intracavity radiation energy on a pump power. The analysis of mechanisms of an intersoliton interaction in the laser cavity has been performed. The opportunity of the coding of information with the use of bound soliton sequences has been demonstrated. Various mechanisms for control of intersoliton interactionr are proposed.

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