Plant Seed : A Pertinent Model to Study Aging Processes

TitrePlant Seed : A Pertinent Model to Study Aging Processes
Type de publicationChapitre
TypeOuvrage scientifique
Titre de l'ouvrageIn The Field of Biological Aging: Past, Present and Future
AuteurArc, Erwann, Ogé, Laurent, Grappin, Philippe , Rajjou, Loïc
Editeur scientifiqueOlgun, A.
Résumé en anglais

Seeds are the major form of dispersal of plants in

the environment. Seeds of many plant species are exceptionally

adapted to harsh environmental conditions provided they are in a

state of desiccation. Spectacular cases of seed longevity have been

reported. It’s one of the singular case of pluricellular, differentiate

eukaryotic organ able to survive several years in anhydrobiosis.

Plant scientific community explore these fascinating aspects of

seed aging thanks to the immense possibilities now offered to

create/modify plants at a much faster rate and in a more accurate

way than through classical and molecular genetic approaches

and genomic tools. These investigations allowed unveiling seed

specificities against aging processes

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